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This is about politics and the American way of life from an Independent point of view. I don’t endorse the Republicans or Democrats, I believe they have both led us down the wrong path. Though I am a Social Conservative and Constitutional-ist for the most part, I lean right-center, depending on the issue.

Our country has been taken over by people that do not love America, it’s freedoms, it’s opportunities or it’s responsibilities (yes being an American brings with it responsibility). Freedom is not free, lives has been spent defending ours, now is is under attack by liberals, socialists, communists, progressives or what ever you want to call them. They cry racism at every turn, cry for social justice (whatever that is?), re-distribution of wealth, etc………

The articles I post here may not always be the most well written you will find, I am not a professional. I am  just an average guy who wants to take advantage of the opportunity to be heard and contribute what I can to my country. I always strive to be factual with every article I write, I believe if I can’t present the facts in a manner that will enlighten and inform people then there is no sense in bothering.

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