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A Dream, a Desire and a Declaration

I ask myself why am I a patriot? Why do I love America so much? What is it about this country that makes me swell up with pride to be an American? Part of it is the rights and freedoms that I have as an American, even when I am not using some of them it I know they are there comforting me with their presence. To me the greatest accomplishments we have achieved are not technological or scientific, it is our advances in the field of freedom that we are most known for. People all over the world want to come here to get some, or bring it to their own country. They are like wow, look at all the cool stuff Americans get to do, why can’t we?

And it is cool stuff to many Americans who appreciate what they really have on a daily basis. Many of us don’t take it for granted that it will always be there. We understand it was fought for by people who believed so strongly in it that they were willing to give their life for it, and they did not even know what it was yet. They started with a dream a desire and a declaration, a dream of freedom, a desire for self rule and a Declaration of Independence. They knew that was just the beginning, they did not know what they started would become the greatest country in the world.

On this coming 4th of July I will celebrate their sacrifice, their dream and the memory of those who have made the greatest sacrifice of all. It is because of them that I can sit here and write this without fear of my own government. You see many people don’t appreciate the fact that we are born free here, they also don’t understand that it comes with responsibility, nothing is truly free is it? They say it is our right to question our leaders, it is also our responsibility to do so. The lack of responsibility, both personal and social are what has brought us to where we are now, our country is ill. I wake up everyday concerned about her health, and concerned about the (liberal) death panel that wants to euthanize her. They don’t understand that they won’t be giving up just the rights they are willing to give up, but all of their rights and freedoms. I as a true American understand what my fore fathers did, I too have a dream and a desire, and as long as I draw breath I will fight to protect the Constitution they gave me! Because every morning when I wake up I understand that nothing is free, most of all freedom! So if you feel we have to many rights here maybe you could move to one of the many countries that will deprive you of them. That is one of your rights, maybe that’s what you can do to help America!

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