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Back To The Basics

November 27, 2012

My viewer ship is not growing, in fact it is dropping, that is my fault. It is partly due to the fact I have not been posting. I have not been sure what to post about, so I decided to just get back to the basics.

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS… I thought for the most part this election was about jobs and the economy. I guess I was wrong, because the American people did not vote for jobs or the economy. In fact I am not sure what they voted for. From what I have read the black community (for the most part) voted based on skin color, no racism there huh? The latino community voted based on the issue of immigration, I can see their concern for America, none. I have always done my best to look at all of us as Americans, I have realized I can no longer do that. The reason being is too many people apparently don’t think of themselves as Americans, or simply are too selfish and self centered to see beyond themselves.

So here we are, no closer to creating jobs after four years of an Obama administration. He can say whatever he likes, but at the beginning of his first term he had a majority in the house and senate. Did he pass any real jobs bills? Create any legislation to help the economy? Can anyone tell me what he has really done to help the average American?

He is hung up on this idea about raising the taxes on the rich, that is his whole solution to our problems. It has already been proven that the revenue raised would be meaningless in the big picture. The people with money are the job creators, so what is his goal? Stop job creation, so it seems. If you look at his actions since taking office, everyone of them points towards trying to hurt America. I have argued this with many liberals and democrats, not one of them has yet to make a valid point based on facts.

So where does that leave those of us that have intelligence and are concerned about our country? That’s a question I have been asking myself for a long time. The answer is in education, educating ourselves so when the shit starts to hit the fan, and it will, we can explain why. But, we also need to be ready to offer solutions. The biggest obstacle is going to be to get many people to understand the solutions are going to hurt for a while. We cannot continue to support so many people on the government dime (insert liberal cries of racism and hate here), people need to understand the reality that they are responsible for themselves. Nothing is wrong with needing a hand up once in a while, but we have too many parasites now. So we need to deal with reality before the system collapses (the goal of many in the gov).

So learn to ignore the cries of racism, bigotry, sexism, etc… The people that are trying to hurt our country are going to hurl them at anyone and everyone that disagrees with their agenda. It has already started with anyone that might be a serious candidate for the mid-term elections and future presidential candidates on the Republican side. You may not be able to open anyone’s eyes to reality, but to give up without trying will only hasten our downfall. We must accept this setback and work harder, remember many of us are carrying the load for those that won’t work. It’s not fair or right, but it is what is real, the smart people will understand that!

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