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It’s about Educating

November 16, 2012

I have realized what I believe is the most important issue conservative Americans need to focus on. That issue is educating Americans about the truth of our modern society. I kept hearing about uninformed  voters this election cycle, I have to agree completely with that classification of the average voter.

We should all care more about how informed a voter is then what party they belong to, personally I believe the more informed you become the more conservative you become. I, and others I know became more conservative as our knowledge of politics and government grew.

I know so many people that don’t want to talk about politics, I think this is due to a lack of understanding. A lack of not just understanding  politics itself but of understanding that politics affects every second of their life. I have yet to find a single issue in life that is not affected by politics (government influence or regulation) in some way.

Some people voted for Obama because they want free stuff, why is that? Do they lack a basic education allowing them to improve their station in life, or an education level that makes them believe they can live better on the free stuff then they can earn. In America if you don’t get an education that is your own fault, after all a high school education is free, granted the quality of that education has diminished greatly in the past 3 or 4 decades. Also our education system has been taken over by liberals/socialists who are more concerned with their agenda then actually educating.

I quit school in the 9th grade (my fault), I came from a single parent family, experienced drug and alcohol use and abuse. According to the experts (mostly liberal), I should have ended up in jail or on welfare, etc… I did not, why is that? Not only did I not end up incarcerated, I got through cocaine addiction and heavy meth use while working full time. I did not resort to stealing and lying to support my habits. My habits were prompted by mental and emotional issues I had a hard time dealing with and overcoming.

What kept me plodding ahead through all of this? Growing up without a father gave me a (the world owes me) bad attitude, and seeing all the stuff others had that we did not as I grew up did not help. One certain lesson I learned made the most difference and helped me to keep going. That lesson was that most people that have the things I want from life worked for them, they earned them. So even though I was my own worst enemy, and wasted a lot of the resources I had due to my personal choices, I still came out on top as far as I am concerned.

From that one lesson grew many more, I learned the importance of hard work, personal responsibility and civic responsibility. More importantly I learned to appreciate how these things contributed to my life and to society as a whole. Not everything we learn is learned in school, if not for school though I would not have acquired the critical thinking skills that allowed me to overcome what I have.

My point through my ramblings here is knowledge is the most important thing we can posses. The knowledge I gained gave me the desire to improve my station in life. Though I did not achieve many of the things I wished to, that was because of my own decisions and actions. Those failures became new lessons, each brought me closer to a better understanding of the realities of my existence.

We need to get back to educating our children with the basics first, if they don’t get them in school, they most likely won’t get them later. So those of us that truly care about the health of our country and society must find a way to educate those that don’t seem to want to learn. We must show them somehow the benefits they gain from knowledge. I would rather work a forty hour week even if I end up with the same as I would on welfare and food stamps. Why? What I gain emotionally and mentally as a person is worth more then I can explain. And working opens up more opportunities for me, allowing me to earn more and grow more and contribute more to society.

So we need to plant some seeds of knowledge when we can, and hope those seeds become something more.

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