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Not Giving Up

November 14, 2012

At first I got depressed about the election, then I realized people like myself have become even more important to America. I am and always will be a proud American and a Tea Party member, we are the ones that still believe as our fore fathers did, in freedom, rights and personal responsibility. I don’t understand why so many people are afraid of small responsible government, fiscal restraint and common sense in applying regulations on people and business.

And yes I am one of those people that want to take us back in time, back to a time when people had real morals and values, integrity was something that was respected. The ends did not justify the means, getting your way was not the most important thing in life. Hard work and hardships built character, character built a better society. People helped people, not the government, it is not their job! I am out of work because of an on the job injury, I am concerned about there being a job for me when the doctor releases me to go back to work. But I can tell you I will find a way to get by without the government putting it’s hand out to me.

I am currently receiving food stamps and I put it off for over a year even though I qualified for them, I waited until I really needed them, and am looking forward to the day I can give them up. A little part of me cried inside when I had to get them, I was taught that Americans stand on their own, and take care of their own. It saddened me that I could not take care of my own responsibilities, it really messed with my mind for a while, I have learned to deal with it for now, but look forward to the time when I am a whole person again and able to take care of my own responsibilities as it should be. What really saddens me is too many people find no shame in shirking their duties and living off the system, granted not all people who are getting assistance are doing that, but a fair amount are.

It is up to each of us as individuals to decide who we are going to be, I guess some of us just hold ourselves to a higher standard, and demand more of ourselves. All I ask from my government is to protect my rights and freedoms and allow me to decide as an individual how high I climb, and stop knocking the rungs on the social ladder out from under me!

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