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It’s Time

November 9, 2012

I have been thinking about this for many years now, that is a third political party. Everybody in politics has their reasons why we don’t need one, most of them I have heard are basically self preservation issues for their party.

Anyone that has read my posts here knows I don’t feel either party is serving us, no secret there. People I know say that we already have other parties, yes we do. So why are they never a real factor in most of the elections, especially in the presidential races.

I joined the Tea Party because I believe in small government and fiscal responsibility and free markets, I also believe that hard work and personal responsibility coupled with a sense of civic pride and responsibility helped to build America.

Unfortunately I live in NY State right now (temporary) my Tea Party beliefs are meaningless here in the middle of a political desert waiting for an oasis of intelligent thought.

So why can’t a third party become more viable and grow to rival the existing two major parties? We have to ask if the electorate is actually changing in a fundamental way as some claim, or is it a matter of  not meeting the needs and expectations of the people? Either way I think it is time to make the Tea Party a real party and not just groups throughout the country sharing the same ideas and values. I think it is the next logical step in the progression.

I am asking everyone to keep an open mind and just look into the Tea Party and it’s ideas and goals. Without people getting involved on a much larger scale then they are presently, our country is going to go through a transformation that may be impossible to reverse. If the rights and freedoms that you enjoy everyday are important to you, now is the time to take a stand or chance losing them forever.

Each of us needs to ask our self what is truly important to us, and what do we want to leave for future generations. I know not everyone has the same amount of time or comfort level dealing with others. So figure out what really matters to America, your personal beliefs and feelings may not be what is best for the country as a whole. Many people don’t understand that sometimes being an American requires sacrifice and effort.

Every time I see someone burning an American Flag I want to slap the piss out of them, but with all my heart I will continue to fight for their right to do it. We all share those rights, if one loses them we all do. many people out there are trying to move us to socialism, history has proven it does not work, look at Europe.

When you love someone you will go to great lengths for them, if you love your country shouldn’t it be the same?

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