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What Direction

November 8, 2012

I am not sure the direction I want to go with this blog now, the expected outcome of the presidential election did not materialize for me. It has left me temporarily depressed, having obama get re-elected. I do question the outcome due to all of those machines changing Romney votes to obama in early voting.

The reason I am somewhat depressed is because I love my country, and with all of the reading and research I have done I know what will happen in the next four years. None of it will be good for our rights and freedoms, or our wallets. So now I have to regroup because this election has given me a why give a dam attitude. It seems to me too many Americans either don’t know enough to vote competently or don’t care. The third possibility is the scariest though, that is the possibility that too many Americans believe in the social justice and re-distribution of wealth crap the left is pushing.

That means people no longer believe in themselves or America enough for it to survive as a Republic. That is what the re-election of obama really means, hard work and personal responsibility are concepts we no longer cherish or even understand.

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