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FEMA, Another Money Pit

November 4, 2012

The most recent storm Sandy I think once again shows that we don’t need FEMA. The federal government has shown time and time again over the years that they can’t handle anything dealing with real people and responsibility. The federal government is trying to be to much to too many people, I believe they are doing it simply to hold more power.

The states with their National Guard units and state emergency response teams would seem to be able to assess the needs and react quicker to local populace. The other side of that coin also is when things are not done right you know who is at fault or responsibility on a local or state level. If everything is handled well you also know who to give credit to.

With FEMA no one is really responsible when they screw it all up (all the time), but if things go well the president wants to take the credit. The president did not do a dam thing but sit on his ass in a warm dry place, so why should he get any credit?

Let us stop sending all of this money to Washington so they can send it back to us with stipulations and restrictions on how we spend it! It makes no sense!

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