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All Calibration Issues?

November 4, 2012

I have just read another story about voting machines changing the vote from Romney to Obama, this time in Colorado. Previous stories have this happening in Kansas, Nevada, North Carolina, Missouri and Ohio also. Voting is one of our most fundamental rights as citizens, every safeguard possible should be put in place to protect this right. Electronic voting machines by their nature alone should not be used, there is no paper ballot to verify in a re-count situation. They are programmed, therefore subject to tampering in a manner that cannot be traced back to a responsible party, they will just say it was a glitch or calibration issue.

The company that has the most e-voting machines out there appears to be Dominion Voting, between their machines and their subsidies. The spokesman for Dominion, Chris Riggall has stated that many of the machines in service are as old as 10 years old. So yes we must concede that alone can cause issues with calibration every time they are shipped to a new location. They are a specific application computer basically, susceptible to issues caused by shipping.

My concern here is they all have the exact same issue, changing a vote for Romney to a vote for Obama. If they were all calibration issues as stated, I would think at least one or two might change a vote for Obama to a vote for Romney. That is the real issue in my mind, and should be in other also. We all understand coincidence and chance, this does not appear to fall into either category from all outward apperances though.

This is another example of what I have been saying all along about our government doing what is not in the best interests of the people. We need to insist on bringing back mechanical voting machines with a paper ballot. Only then can we feel secure that our votes are not being tampered with by either party, and we have a backup for verification.

And remember just voting is not enough anymore, we must all get more involved in our country. Not all of us have the time of course, but just learning and understanding more about our system of government can help you to know your vote is cast for the best interests of America. And it will also allow you to have those oh so important political conversations that everybody avoids, the lack of political dialogue is doing more harm then good.


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