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Part of the Problem, or the Solution?

November 1, 2012

With less then a week to go before the election we all need to ask ourselves where we see our country going. Many people don’t realize that this presidential election is a referendum on the direction our country takes.

One of the biggest problems we have is too many people still don’t understand that our system of government is a republic, not a democracy. It is the rule of law of that republic that guarantees us our individual rights. In a democracy the majority rules, and can take your rights away with a simple vote. Over time the politicians on both the left and the right have been weakening our rights through legislation. Also, activist judges have been doing a lot of damage to our rights by legislating from the bench.

We are slowing drifting toward a democracy, is this what we want? There are no benefits to us as citizens in a democracy, we would lose many of the rights and freedoms. Some of us cherish those rights and some take them for granted, if they were lost though we would all suddenly realize how important they were.

The democratic party has been over-run with libs and socialists it seems, and the republican party with big government rinos. Please get out and vote next week, but realize you can’t stop there if you want real change to come back to America. We need to put new leadership in at all levels of government, and let them know we won’t take their shit anymore, remind them they work for us!

We also have to realize we need to reduce the size of government at all levels also, we will never get our deficit under control without making that a priority. The most important thing we need to do right now is to create jobs. Jobs create revenue to run the country, support our families, etc… We have record spending on social programs, $59,000 plus on each family (2011 figures) receiving these services. We could have given them a check for that and accomplished more then we do with the current system. But we cannot move people off of these services if there are no jobs, that is how got in this mess, a lack of opportunities.

There are no easy answers, and many people are going to hate the solutions that will be required to pay down our debt, or we end up like Europe. We need to stop thinking like democrats and republicans, and start thinking like Americans! Would you prefer to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

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