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American Pride

October 28, 2012

I am so sick of people saying we should not be proud to be Americans! I am part of the greatest country in the world, and I am dam proud of it, and yes we did BUILD IT! Americans made this country what it is, our pride in our country and in ourselves played a major role in that. Americans use to have a pride that spurred us to greater heights, we did not stop the world, but the pace at which we changed the world made it seem that way at times.

Over time we have gotten too many people in this country that don’t understand or know how it feels to be an American, I feel sorry for them because they are missing out on something very special. It’s not something you can touch, but when it touches you, it makes you want a better country for everyone. It also gives you a sense of understanding and appreciation for those that came before you. And for the responsibility they passed on to you to continue the dream! That pride helps you to understand that freedom is not free and requires hard work and sacrifice at times. If you have this pride you will give back to your country without being asked, if not you will just take from others. We won’t stop giving until it means our own survival, even then we won’t give up the dream that has been our reality for over 200 years!

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