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This May Hurt A little!

October 14, 2012

This may hurt a little, but we have to cut the cost of government in the United States. I am hoping the Republicans sweep into the House and Senate and take a majority in both, and Romney takes the white house. The reason I want this is because the Democrats have shown complete incompetence in governing at this point. Why so many supporting the Democrats cannot see this is beyond human logic.

So if the Republicans take everything this election, they will have no excuse, no one to blame if things don’t get better in America. I have been saying for 20 years that neither party is serving us, our current condition proves that in my opinion. I personally believe the Republicans are not a whole lot different then the Democrats at this point, both are for big government and have too many progressives among their ranks.

A big plus at this point is the Republicans are the pro-business party. they will bring back jobs. If we are to cut the record spending on social programs, which we have too for long term survival, jobs are a major part of the solution. A lot of people are going to find out that the steps we need to take to get our country back where it should be are going to hurt. The question is will the politicians retaining their position, or the new ones taking office after this election have the guts to stand up and tell the truth?

What is the truth? What can we change? Here is a few ideas that might help:

  • Cut the number of federal employees ( could cut at least 100,000 or more)
  • Get rid of all government employee unions ( you should be proud to serve your country, and your work should speak for itself without a union)
  • Get rid of all social programs and send them back to a State level
  • Get rid of all subsidies for all business, if a product or service is needed the market will support it
  • Get rid of all of the tax breaks for everyone, corporate, business and personal
  • Get rid of the Department of Education, let the states run it like it used to be, will save billions of dollars and increase the quality of education
  • Get rid of the failed War on Drugs

As I was making this list I realized I could go on for pages with things we can change. So it comes back to the fact that we need real Americans in office, not politicians. A real American will do what is right for the country, without having re-election as a major concern on their mind all the time.

We have too many people offering too many services, enforcing too many laws and regulations at all levels of government. The size and scope of the federal government has grown way beyond anything that is needed or wanted, it’s time to tell them to do their dam job and mind their business! So lets see what the Republicans have to offer, I am not optimistic about the situation. I still believe as I have all along that “We The People” will have to take a more active role in our government, beyond just voting. So dust off your marching shoes, get your poster board and markers ready, I believe if we want our country back we will have to demand it in very clear terms! And exercise your Second Amendment rights, it’s not just a right but a responsibility as an American!


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