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The Vice Presidential Debate

October 11, 2012

If you listen to the ABC after party it was a biden win by a large margin in the Vice Presidential Debate tonight. I think they should put down the crack pipe personally. Joe Biden has this weird smile through too much of the debate that was not appropriate to the situation. That and many of his points and responses to Paul Ryan’s statements were not in-line with reality I thought.

At the same time I think Paul Ryan could have been much more aggressive, and delivered more facts during the debate. I understand the debate is only 90 minutes, but he could have controlled the dialogue much more then he did. Overall I think Paul Ryan was the clear winner, but he could have done so much more with the opportunity.

I will give Martha some credit, considering obama was a guest at her wedding, she did not blatantly try to de-rail Ryan, she did try to give biden an edge, but she was trying to down play that.

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