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The New Look

October 11, 2012

Those of you that have been coming here have noticed a bit of a new look to the design of the blog. With the election coming up I felt changes were needed. I am hoping Mitt Romney wins the election, I am working off of that assumption (yes, I know the old saying about assuming, lol).

The biggest reason for the change is once the election is over we will know who will be in the White House, Senate and the House. As I have said before, I don’t feel either party is serving us “we the people”. My direction of the blog will change with that change in Washington. I will be trying to give more of a day by day accounting of the actual legislation coming out of the House and Senate, and how it affects the people. I will be reading the the bills, executive orders, etc… coming out of the Washington, and hopefully be able to give some insight from an average Joe point of view everyone can understand.

I am going in for back surgery next week so things might go a little slow at first. But as I heal I plan on building and expanding the blog further. I want to do this because I can never find the news sources on the web that just inform me without insulting me or making me feel like I am just another click for the advertisers.

My new header design is simple, but if look at it you can see the spotlight coming from the middle on  both the left and the right sides, that is to signify that I won’t be leaning either way if I can help it. I will tell everyone straight up that I am a conservative independent, that will be reflected some in my writing. I became a conservative over time, I was very liberal when I was younger. My views were shaped by studying the issues and always looking at them from a point of view of what is best for the country as a whole.

As always I welcome comments and criticism, without them I don’t know if I am serving you in a way that helps you, and helps create dialogue to better our situation. I am glad to have the opportunity to be heard, and to try and contribute something. Thank You to everyone that checks in to hear what I have to say, you are appreciated!

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