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Hollywood’s Helpers

October 9, 2012

I turned on CBS this morning (not on purpose) was channel surfing, I decided to stop there for a few minutes. I don’t have cable, just a roof antena right now because I can’t afford cable or a dish at the moment, so my channels are limited.

They had this what I call feel good story on featuring Ben Affleck, I call it feel good because it is to help Ben  feel good. It started about a new movie he made, then they launched into a story about his work in the Congo. That is where the feel good part comes in, he talks about how he wanted to do something that would make his children proud of him someday.

That is you typical hollywood liberal, and many other liberals I have met over the years. So he was not doing good for the sake of doing good to help others, he had a selfish motive, I am shocked. I am sure part of it was too give him a warm fuzzy and a pat on his own back.

My whole point I am trying to make is that with all the problems going on in America why could he not be bothered to help people here? Help people in the country that gave him his fame and fortune, it’s called giving back! I can tell you why, because many of the problems we have in this country are due to failed liberal based social and government policies. For him to do anything real in America he would have to realize and admit the failure of the very ideas and policies he supports.

The other aspect of helping people here is it would require him to go into neighborhoods and deal with people I am sure he does not wish too. It would require real work, in the Congo he just hooked up others that would actually do the physical work of helping. But now he feels good about himself! I am not singling him out, but using this as an example of the liberal mindset we see all the time.

It is proven that conservatives give a lot more to charity, and that they also give more of their personal time helping others. I would like to see more of this celebrated on these TV programs, but you won’t. The reason for that is the networks are run by liberals who are not professional enough to put aside their own agenda and deliver a quality product.

On a side note, I don’t support the entertainment industry at all. I don’t buy music anymore or go to movies or buy DVD’s. They have not earned my respect with their anti American agenda, so they have not earned my support or dollars.


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