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A Race No One Wins!

October 8, 2012

Stacey Dash is taking a lot of shit because she as a black woman came out in support of Mitt Romney. When are people going to stop making everything about race? Does she have to have certain thoughts and beliefs because of her skin color? I was not aware of the SPR (skin pigmentation requirements) in the US, where do I get a copy of them? I may have been in violation of them without knowing it! I keep making the mistake of thinking we are all Americans, with the same rights and freedoms. Maybe things would get better if more people would learn to see the Red White And Blue that ties us together as the colors that matter most!

Let me point out also, Barrack Obama is not the first black President, he is the first mixed-race President. Though for us that worry about America first, his skin color is not something we consider to be a major concern, other then how it has affected his view of reality!

I don’t know Stacey Dash, but I have always found her to be a beautiful woman and a talented actress. Now we see that she thinks for herself and stands on her principles as well. I as a man, find her to be even more attractive for being a strong and independent woman.

There are too many in both the black and white communities that need to get over the group mentality thing and grow up! Many people have said, and I have said it myself that we need more dialogue on race relations in America, I believe I was wrong. The dialogue needs to be about what we as Americans can do to benefit our country and ourselves.


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