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The Next Step

October 3, 2012

After the November election, the next step is up to us, we the people. I have been offline a lot lately because of issues in my personal life. But, I have spent a lot of that time thinking about the future of America. What most Americans have to realize is that they have to get off of their ass and do something to contribute to America!

My father has told me stories from when he was younger, when they tried to raise taxes everyone got in their car and went to the town hall and raised hell. In modern America people seem to think paying their taxes is all they have to do to be a good American. The problem with that is they are not really contributing to the country in any real way, other then to help pay the governments bills. Which are climbing higher at an alarming rate under the obama bin laden administration.

I hear people around me complaining all the time about the state of the country, but none of them are doing anything about it. When asked, none of them have any ideas about what to do about any of it, or even have any idea who the players are in the government making the decisions for them.

I have realized we have become a nation of do nothing whiners and cry babies, not real Americans! People need to get involved in a real way in the country, go to public meetings, school board meetings, etc. Know who your representatives are and actually contact them, volunteer if you have the time. Those are things that used to be considered normal things Americans did. We have that “nothing will change” attitude, and that is what the movers and shakers want us to think.

Next time you get ready to say ” someone has to do something”, look in the mirror, you are someone. And as an American you have a responsibility to uphold the constitution and it’s amendments for future generations. Unfortunately most Americans are not even taking any steps to protect their own rights, much less those to come in the future.

The government is stepping all over our rights, the dems and repubs, they have their agenda. That agenda is not one of “we the people”, it’s one of “me and screw the sheeple”. I keep hearing about how this election is one of the most important in our life time, I have to agree with that. Four more years of obama will be the final curtain call for the constitution and the rights that we all seem to take for granted. Romney will be better, but he won’t change the country overnight or by himself.

The only way to bring back America is to get involved, to be heard. It’s your voice, who will hear you if you don’t speak?

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