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That’s what I heard

September 21, 2012

I find myself insulting people concerning politics but it is people that have already made of their mind based on incorrect information and refuse to listen to anything, so I already know when they start insulting me that I am wasting my time, so I insult back.

See there are all kinds of people that only pay attention to politics right before an election, and jump on the band wagon of their party without even knowing what is going on. Or knowing what the candidate has done, or plans to do. They just listen to the news media and gobble up whatever they hear as the honest truth.

Then there are people like myself who pay attention all the time to politics, people who realize that politics affects every waking moment of your day in some way. You know how many people I hear this from “oh I don’t pay any attention to politics”. Why not, don’t you care about your family? Your paycheck? Your Country? Political agendas can and does decide how many American lives are lost in a war overseas, some people’s agenda are moving us closer to a police state! If you have to worry about pedophiles running loose, or if your children catches the school bus or you have to drop them at school. Every aspect of a persons day is touched by politics.

So yes many of us are passionate about the amount of control we have over our OWN life. So if a some people want to show up in the 4th quarter and have something to say, the rest of us that have been here for the whole game would appreciate it if they at least inform themselves. They insult my intelligence and that of America, so if all they get is some hurt feelings they are lucky. If they want me to respect their opinion they have to have one of their own, based on something other then what the news said. If I insult and piss off someone they may, notice I say may actually take a minute and think about it and act. Maybe actually read some more or gather some information to support their idea.

Your candidate does not have to be the same as mine, but if you are going to disagree with me, and want to have a discussion, come prepared please. I have realized that well over half the people I talk to that have an opinion on politics base it solely on what they feel. When you call them on an issue they respond with ” well, that’s what I heard” or something similar. The future of American is in danger right now because of differing ideas, values and desires. Do you want your future decided by the “well that’s what I heard” mentality?

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