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A hand full of Race Cards

September 21, 2012

I read an article earlier today that really illustrates a point I would like to make about race relations and perceptions in America. The story I read was interesting because it tells you about some strong, community minded black women that are concerned about things happening in America. That’s a good thing from any point of view.

That is not the part of the article that made me think about our situation in America. It was the voter ID part that illustrates the problem we all share. That problem is how we perceive each other from different races, instead of who we are as Americans. Let’s be real about this, white people look down on other white people, it’s social classes, right or wrong it’s human nature. Black people have the same situation in their community. We will never change this, don’t waste your time thinking you can get millions of people to change something that is part of their nature, not gonna happen!

So what could possibly make you think you can end racial strive in America? Not gonna happen, we can lessen it and it’s effects on society. Some of it is human nature and the rest is a learned behavior. The best we can do is question what we know and the reality around us, why the reality around us you ask? A white kid living in a majority white neighbor will have a different reality then a black kid living in a majority black neighborhood. The social messages are different, but I don’t think they are as different as people would think, the real difference is when you add in race.

Two poor children, one black and one white living in poverty share the same hopes and dreams in many ways. But, the social messages they receive from society dampen both of their spirits, the little white child has one less burden to overcome, race. People keep saying we need to have a dialogue on race relations in America, all I see is people from both sides trying to get a political advantage from the issue.

From personal experience I don’t think we can solve our race related problems politically at all, waste of time to try. Prejudice is an individual response, you have to deal with it on an individual basis. I have had quite a few problems with black people over the years because I worked in many majority black neighborhoods. I got angry at times and could have let my human nature kick in and develop a bigoted attitude. But they were individuals with a different reality then I had, that does not excuse their behavior. For me to decide all black people are bad because of the actions of some is insane. But many in the black and white community think on that level.

Now to how the voter ID issue ties into view of things. We keep hearing about how voter ID bills are going to hurt minorities, elderly and the young, etc…
Some of the people in the argument overlap, as their are elderly black and white people.

The elderly are shall we say around 65 years old, at or near retirement age. I would have to guess that by this point in their life a senior citizen (black or white) would have a fair amount of identification, and understand the need for a picture ID many years ago. I would hope you can see the obvious logic in my assumption here. And if you are infirmed or home bound I doubt you go out of your way to get out that one magical day just to vote, let’s be real once again. Unless you consider organizations like acorn busing elderly people to the polls to vote. Where were the acorn people the rest of the year, bet they did not even know that person existed the other 364 days that year. But that is another story.

The minorities, what they mean is black people, but they don’t want to come right out and say that, it would sound racist. Most of the people I know participate in society, and to work and cash paychecks and take care of the many things you need to a picture ID is mandatory for everyday life. Even if you are low income and go for public assistance they ask for picture ID, they will accept a combination of other identification if you don’t have one. But if you have all of the identification needed for that, then you have what you need to get a picture ID normally.

The young, this one I am not sure what to say. When I was young you either got your drivers license or your Erie Country Sheriffs card (picture ID), it was like a badge of honor to have. It showed you were 18, an adult with all the privileges of such. I took the bus downtown to get mine because I did not have a license. If voting is that important to you as a youth and you need a picture ID I would think it would be something you could tear yourself away from reality TV long enough to take care of.

I am sorry I got a little long winded on this and rambled a little. The point is if voter ID laws helped to combat voter fraud, why is that a bad thing? I am sure at some point in time both parties have used voter fraud to try and gain an advantage. If all the politicians were concerned with what is best for us then we would not be in the situation we are. Too many of them are trying to create wedge issues between Americans.

And though I respect what these black women are doing, I have to ask why are they just concerned with primarily the black community. I keep thinking we are all one community, when will we realize this? They have an agenda obviously and that’s fine. I have an agenda also, it’s about being the best America I can!

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