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Comp Hearing

September 20, 2012

Getting ready to go downtown for a comp (workman’s compensation) hearing, since I did not follow every letter of the law they are trying to take away the little bit I get to survive on. The funny thing is no one tells you all the little regulations they have, I am not saying the system was designed to screw you, but I have my suspicions.

It’s very frustrating to have to keep fighting for my comp that I worked for and paid my taxes for, and is not enough to live on anyways. So to go with my post from yesterday I understand that we need social services. But I am on comp from getting hurt on the job, and yet someone who has never worked a day in their life can get more assistance then I can.

I am in my early 50’s and have never asked for help from the government, I have been working full time since I quit high school when I turned 16. I maxed out my benefit level for my social security retirement back in my mid 40’s, so yes I have paid my share. I am currently living on less then $10,000 a year and the only help I am getting is food stamps, and grateful to have them.

When I got injured on the job I was working for a property management company that managed mostly low income housing units in the worst neighborhoods in Buffalo, NY. I used to get frustrated seeing how much some of these people got from the government. I was working and could not afford some of the stuff some of these people have.

So even under my current circumstances I still believe that we need to help others even though I can’t get the help I need. But I also believe we have made it to good for many of these people, public assistance should be to help you survive through a temporary situation. But for many it has become a way of life, they even share tips with each other on how to play the system, and are proud of their skills in doing so.

Bottom line, it is time for real reform, the cost is not just financial to society, but has side effects of creating whole groups of people that have no real reason to do anything more then they are now, which is nothing. Which means they will never become contributing members of society unless they have to for survival. And they are many programs for them to utilize that will help them become better educated and develop job skills, but most don’t take advantage of them, why should they? The gravy train they are on has no stops along the way and they know that.

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