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Romney Gaffe or Truth?

September 19, 2012

The main stream media is trying to have a field day with what Mitt Romney said about the 47% being dependent on government. Also the fact that are are Obama voters whose minds he can’t change anyway, so let’s move on to the numbers.

I started researching the topic of the welfare state in American and was going to write a really cool article I thought. Instead I might just post some links to articles that state things better then I might. Here is an article from The Heritage Foundation from September 2009 that gives you a good background on the subject: Obama to Spend 10.3 Trillion on Welfare

Here is a great article from from April 2011 called ” America’s Ever Expanding Welfare Empire “.

Everyone has different views on helping the poor and people that need assistance. I feel that we should do what we can, as I came from a single parent family that benefited from public assistance I understand the importance of it. My mother raised 5 kids on her own through the 60’s and 70’s, and did a great job of it. I also got to witness how she handled it, she was always responsible with what she received and understood that other people worked hard for her to receive the help. She had an appreciation for that and passed on to her children that the assistance was a privilege not a right.

So yes we should help others when they are down, but if they are not helping themselves, public assistance should not be a long term solution to a person’s lack of motivation in life. We should use our money to help those that truly need it and will benefit in the long run. If you read the articles above you see that we already spend more then it would take to end poverty in the United States. So what can we conclude from that? The government has no desire to end poverty, their is too much money and control in it for them. Thousands of government jobs are needed to administer the programs just at the federal level alone, that translates into thousands of union jobs which translates into votes many times.

You pay for welfare 2 times, at the federal level and then with matching state funds for the same programs many times. So yes we need to help, but at what cost? We need to get the federal government out of the equation altogether, let the states keep their money and administer the programs on a more local level (most social services are already managed at county level) where the structure is already in place to do this.

I don’t go to CNBC ever, but I went to check out the poll, I never agree with their political slant on things. Here is the link for the article and poll and a screen shot of the poll after I took it. As you can see 76% of the respondents agreed with Mitt Romney’s statement.


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 19, 2012 5:02 pm

    Do I agree with which part of his statement? The one where he says 47% dont pay taxes? Yes, Do I agree that he sincerely feels he need not be concerned with those people? Yes. Do I agree that he need not be concerned with those people? No. Do I agree with his characterization that the 47% is comprised of victims who have a sense of entitlement and who are all just lazies dependent on government benefits? No. Meaningless poll to me as it is ambiguous at best…

  2. September 19, 2012 5:12 pm

    He never stated that they were all lazies as you put it, but many are people who with more motivation or sense of responsibility for themselves could get off of public assistance. As far as the poll it is not scientific, it states as much, but to have that many people respond to that poll with that answer on a news site that is read by primarily democrats and liberals I think is telling in many ways. So i don’t think the poll is meaningless unless you disagree with it.

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