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Education Boondoggle

August 20, 2012

Good morning everyone, I have not been posting because I have been trying to do research for a post about education. What I am finding out is that it could take months to really research just the Department of Education, it has departments within departments. It is a cabinet level department, which means it is one of the 15 departments of the Executive Branch of the government, which means obama can have his finger in every pie over there. And I do believe his cronies are doing everything they can to change the policies and procedures of this dept to fit their personal socialist agenda.

It became the entity it is now thanks to Jimmy Carter (a democrat) in 1980. I could be wrong but I think there is a direct correlation between it’s creation in it’s current state and the quality of education declining in the United States. The education system seemed to work pretty good before that from all outward appearances, I am not saying it did not have problems. But the Department of Education has had 32 years now to have an affect, and education seems to getting less effective every year. If you think I am hinting that something is wrong here you are incorrect, I am outright stating it. I can see 2 possible reasons for this:

Reason 1: This arm of the government is run by total incompetents for their own benefit. Or they know exactly what they are doing and run it for their own benefit and to benefit their union buddies.

Reason 2: They have ulterior motives in their administration of this department, and they are purposely trying to dumb down Americans and need to do this on a national level (it would take to long on a local level). It is no secret that most of the people in the educational system in America on all levels are leftist/socialist type of individuals, and we see more and more each day that they don’t check their personal beliefs at the door as they should, but interject them into every possible lesson.

The cost of the Department of Education for 2011 to the taxpayers last year was around $77,000,000,000 at the federal level, now think about what you paid in local school taxes and add that in, it’s insane!

Let me ask you, would you put new tires on a car with a blown engine? That is what we are doing with the Department of Education!

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