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Left Wing Extremist Shoots Guard at FRC

August 16, 2012

I am guessing most people have heard about the shooting at the FRC yesterday in Washington, D.C., maybe not if you watch the left wing main stream media. CBS was the only one that even mentioned it, and they down played it some. And fortunately the security guard, who was shot in the arm diffused the situation with the help of others. Otherwise there might have been a lot of casualties.

The gunman was a left-wing extremist who did not agree with the pro family ideals of the FRC, if he was a right leaning individual in anyway the MSM would have been all over it. They would still be screaming about more gun control, but it was one of their own. They would have tried to paint him as a Tea Party member except he left the LGBT center where he volunteered, went to Chick-Fil-A and then went to the FRC with a backpack full of magazines. So I don’t believe he was there just to shoot the security guard and leave! But you will have to go to a real news source to get the story!

Mitt Romney released a statement saying ” there is no place for violence in our society”.

Obama released a statement saying” there is no place for this kind of violence in our society”, so what kind of violence does obama feel there is a place for?

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