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We will see you in court

August 15, 2012

Two Louisiana teachers are trying to get Bobby Jindal Recalled as the Governor of Louisiana. Why? I am wondering that myself, the whole purpose of his legislation is to increase the quality of education the children receive. But teachers in Louisiana seem to be like most teachers nationwide, not really concerned with the students.

The legislation that passed will:

  • Put limits on teacher tenure
  • Allow for merit based pay
  • Simplify the creation of charter schools
  • Expand the voucher program for low income students
  • Allows principals and school boards more actual control over their own schools

These things don’t seem like anything evil to me, but I am not a teacher with an us against them attitude. I guess they are mad because now the teachers in Louisiana can be fired if they cannot or do not perform. That’s how it works in the real world for the rest of us on the job isn’t it?

Joy Pullman, Managing Editor of School Reform News supports Gov. Jindal’s reforms, “Jindal’s reforms are the most comprehensive, liberty-based education policies in the nation,” she said. “Local principals and school boards now actually have the power to run their own schools. Teachers have to, you know, actually be good at their jobs and stay good to keep them.”

Of course if the recall effort fails, which it will, the teachers have a back up plan supported by the union (of course). They plan on going to court, like that’s a shocker. Why when people (especially the left, and unions) don’t get what they want they run to court? They say the reforms are unconstitutional, now I am not an expert on the Constitution but I don’t remember education being addressed in it any place.

On a ranking of student achievement of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, Louisiana is ranked at number 49 out of 51. Only S. Carolina at 50 and W. Virginia at 51 are ranked worse. So I would think the teachers in Louisiana would welcome anything that helps to bring the focus back to where it belongs, on the students!

Joy Pullman also speaks about “the intellectual deficit in today’s public education system, despite an average of $13,000 spent per student. Our kids are not only way behind students in most developed nations — and many developing countries — American kids are tragically ignorant about the teachings of liberty and the way our government works”.

I am sure they are ignorant about the teachings of liberty and government, because modern day teachers are as or more concerned with pushing their own personal agendas and beliefs then they are in educating the children.

So I guess we will see them in court, since they are experts on how that part of government works!


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