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The Truth no one likes

August 12, 2012

I have not posted anything in a few days, sometimes I am at a complete loss as to what to post about. The biggest reason for this little break is because I had to take a break from the news of the day sometimes. Some days I get so disgusted just getting online (don’t have any TV right now) and reading the news. I mean what has happened to America? Most of our news sources have become just propaganda for one party or the other, and have no problem spreading lies. The campaigns from both sides show us how the importance of integrity has diminished in politics.

The obama campaign I will say has brought us to a new low in politics, what kind of person allows their campaign people to tell outright lies in the media? And then lie about the lies! And try to wreck the lives of people that have donated to the Romney campaign, these are private citizens doing what they wish with the money they have earned. And the Romney campaign has at least tried to stay away from the negative campaigning for the most part. They have been trying to stick to the issues, which is what matters, right?

I have come to the conclusion though that the issues don’t seem to matter to most people. I have realized that it’s about what’s in it for me, that seems to be the attitude from most Americans anymore. I am now and always have been of the state of mind of “what is best fore the country”. We were founded on the concept of majority rule I thought, but that is meaningless anymore. No one it seems worries about the country anymore.

People yell that the Republicans are all about catering to big business, and the Democrats just keep piling up the entitlement and social program spending. Both statements are true to a point, that is because each party sees part of the equation of what is needed by our society. Businesses large and small create the jobs all of us need to make our lives better, and social programs are needed because not all of us can or do make the best decisions all of the time. But nether party is willing to make the tough decisions that are now required to bring us back to where we should be.

Massive cuts are required acrossed the board in Washington, but all the politicians are more worried about their party and their job to do what is right for the country. I have realized most Americans have become too selfish and out of touch with the reality of government to see the obvious because it does not fit into the “what’s in it for me” concept that most of them have.

I don’t hold much hope for our future until people that live in America learn to become Americans again!


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