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Enough of the Bulls**t with the Bullying

August 10, 2012

No matter what the topic is, when it is driven into the ground, like a radio station playing the latest hit, you get sick of it. I have had all I can take from this administration about the f**king bullying going on. It is kids picking on kids, it went on when I was in school, it went on 100 years ago, probably 1000 years ago! So with all the trouble our country is experiencing with jobs and the economy and trade deficits and so on, why does bullying get a full court press from the administration? If a child is being picked on by others at school that is a local issue that needs to be handled there, that is common sense.

It is because it is not about bullying, it is about pushing the gay agenda it would seem, or that’s the smoke screen at least. They would like you to think that because their real intentions go deeper, it’s about religion and freedom. The left pushes the gay agenda for their benefit, not to help the gay community, they are just being used as a tool or a means to an end. The people that have taken over the democratic party have one goal, a new America, a socialist America, one is which they rule by decree, one where rights are given by them to the faithful.

What makes America what it is? Our Constitution, The Bill of Rights, our faith in God and our religion, these things are what the majority of Americans understand and cherish. Our God given rights and our Constitutional rights (combined) are what sets us apart from the rest of the world, keeping us truly free. Why did we not have all of these people 100 years ago complaining about the Ten Commandments and Crosses on public property? Because true Americans understood that our society was based on majority rule, and our society was based on a Christian beliefs system. There was no government sponsored religion, and no one was forcing religion on you, those were symbols of a shared belief in America and the freedoms she was based on.

What has changed since then? People have, we the people now let a small portion of our society try and dictate to all of us what is right and wrong. These people have their own agenda, and it is not the same as that of the average American. Look at what this administration is doing to our constitutional rights, look at how they are attacking our religions through back door methods, it’s about divide and conquer! It’s about attacking who we are as true Americans and what holds us together. The only God these people worship is power and control!

The gay community makes up approximately 4% of the population, so why so much focus on it, it’s a wedge issue to divide and conquer. I find it impossible to believe they would spend billions of dollars and countless hours simply because they believe in equality for gay people. Why are they not fighting this hard for the other 96% of Americans? Because it is not about gay people, just as it is not about lifting black Americans out of poverty in most urban areas. If I were a black American I would be seriously pissed off at being used as a pawn.

Why have things continued to get worse instead of better? All of the so-called professionals in the social science fields that people have been listening to are liberal and socialists, the majority of people at all levels of the educational system are liberals and socialists. Could that be the root of the problem? Schools are there to educate our children, not boost their self esteem or address social issues, that is a parents job. But listening to the so-called professionals over the last 40 years or so we are told we are raising our children wrong, don’t spank them, don’t discipline them, be their friend, understand them.

You try and teach your children good morals and values at an early age, let them be children and grow. But the school is jumping in and passing out condoms and promoting sexual agendas at an age when children should not even be thinking about sex yet. What is their agenda in doing that, are they trying to over ride your teachings? Look at how all the text books are being rewritten to change our American History even, what’s the agenda there? It’s not about bullying, bullying is as old as mankind, so what is it really about?

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