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Never Changing Reality

August 9, 2012

Had a friend over last night, have not talked to him in a month because he went off on me on July 4th, cursed me out and flipped me off as he was driving away, for which he takes no blame for, in his mind he did nothing wrong. I thought I would be the bigger person and extend and olive branch as we have been friends for quite a while. That was a mistake, I thought after a month he might have changed a little at least, I was wrong.

I learned something very important from all of this though, see he is a dyed in the wool democrat, why? He will tell you because his father was, real good reason (not) for a political opinion huh. He is also a real pompous ass and seems to have that modern socialist pathology. So you can see why I was glad to have him out of my life. That is not what really turned me off to him though, he was and is lying to his wife almost daily about multiple things going on, he complains about not having a job (for which he is notlooking), then in the next sentence says the only jobs out there right now are beneath him. He was raised in an upper middle class home and has the attitude that he is entitled to everything without working for it.

The thing I learned from all of this is, some people, especially liberals, will never change. They have a mindset that filters out automatically anything that does not fit with their view of themselves or their version of the facts. To me facts are facts, immutable, whether I agree or not the facts speak for themselves, but these kind of people have a built in fact checker, but it works based on what I call the likability level. When they take in a fact it goes into the bias buffer for processing. Where it is stripped of anything that does not fit into their version of reality, then output to the brain where it becomes one more part of their never changing reality.
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