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More lies from the guys (and girls) in ties

August 9, 2012

I don’t know when so many people in this country stopped being Americans, I think it started in the 60’s and has mushroomed since then. I know they existed before that, but the numbers were small by comparison to today. I don’t understand many of these people in politics especially who tell outright lies publicly, simply to try and smear the other party. These people are not Americans, we (as Americans) are people of integrity, honor and truth, or so I thought. Take harry reid for example, what kind of nut job is this guy, to say that Mitt Romney has not paid taxes for ten years, if that were in fact true the I.R.S would have been all over him a long time ago!

Even worse is the amount of nut jobs out there that are believing what the main stream media is trying to call reporting, I guess the only requirement today to get a degree in journalism is to have the same improper leftist, socialist beliefs as the professor running the class. What has happened to responsibility in this country, if I lived in harry reid’s home state I would be calling for him to step down, I would be embarrassed to have him as my representative. How about the story about Joe Soptic who lost his job and a super-pac for obama is trying to say his wife died because of Mitt Romney. And the obama administration lying about it and saying they knew nothing about it. It goes on and on, it is disgusting and so are the people (I hesitate to actually call them people or human) that are doing this for personal gain in the end.

Bottom line to me is, if you are not man or woman enough to have honor and respect for the country that let you become who you are, at least have a little respect for yourself and your family.

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