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The Records That Really matter!

August 7, 2012 has a petion calling for Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns, my biggest question is why? I don’t care about his tax returns or Obama’s either, they are not really relevant to their policies and how they govern. All I see is the democrats trying to keep the focus off of the real issues.

If we want to get into talking about public records, then let’s do that.  Let us start by asking why obama has blocked access to pretty much his whole life? And why he spent several million dollars to do this, I can find no past president whose life has not been an open book to the public for the most part. I am sure many of them had moments they did not want public (we all have embarrassing moments), but have any of them blocked access to almost every moment of their life?

We know almost nothing about the guy that is running our country other then what he wants us to know. We have no way to know how much of what he has released is even true, where are all of his friends, schoolmates, etc… It seems everything he can seal is sealed and everyone that knows him have either been paid off or threatened so as to keep them quiet.

So if they want to make a fuss about records then let us see some, it’s obvious obama has many things to hide that would doom his career or he would not have spent all that money!

I have to add this this article because it has me thinking:

The presidents first executive order he signed, Executive Order 13489 of January 21, 2009, concerns Presidential Records of incumbent and former presidents. It also revokes Executive Order 13233 of November 01, 2001, signed by then president George W Bush. If you read the language in the executive order signed by Bush, it allows former presidents to restrict access to their presidential records (they must supply a reasonable explanation), this request cannot be over-ridden by the incumbent president. Obama’s executive order revokes Bush’s, meaning that obama now has the decision making power as to what is released and what is not. Just some food for thought, but I have to wonder what is motivation was to sign this executive order the day after taking office? He and his partners in crime had this thought out before he took office apparently, but why?

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