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Who’s Riding The Crazy train

August 4, 2012

I just read this article at the “The Fiscal Times” about pay raises for the average worker, and it reminded me of another article I read a few days ago. Here is the article: It talks about how the average raise when given is between 2 and 3%, it also talks about how the highest performers get an average of 4.4% pay increase. Now contrast that with the article I read from the Chicago Tribune on July 16:,0,4290734.story. From the article “Chicago Public Schools and the teachers union this week are both expected to reject an arbitrator’s long-awaited fact-finding report, which recommends a double-digit salary hike that both sides agree could force teacher layoffs and larger class sizes, according to sources close to the negotiations.

The arbitrator is expected to recommend that teacher salaries be increased 15 to 20 percent in the contract’s first year, based largely on the longer school day that begins in the fall, sources said. The increase would include hikes for experience and for pursuing graduate degrees, compensation that CPS has tried to eliminate.”  Actually the union wanted a 30% pay increase, that is how the arbitrator got involved to begin with.

I can understand why the school system would reject this, it’s common sense, considering the district in running a $665,000,000 budget deficit already. And with a graduation rate of 56% for the school system it is obvious many of them are not educating now.

This is happening all over the country, outrageous demands from teachers unions. I guess they figure if they ask for a ridiculous sum to begin with, through arbitration they will still get huge raises. When will they wake up, when will we wake up and throw their asses out on the street and get rid of the union? We need teachers that are there to educate, and it’s apparent they are not doing this.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (US Government) website the average school year in days worked is 180.4 days (260 for the rest of us), and the average school day is 6.8 hours worked (8 or more for the rest of us). And the average teachers salary nationwide is $56,069, so lets do the math here:

6.8 X 180.4= 1,226.72 (average day X number of days = total hours worked in the school year)

$56,069 / 1226.72 = $45.71 (average salary divided by hours worked = hourly wage)

Now granted this is the average wage for teachers nationwide, I know some make less and some make more then this. I know teachers in more rural areas make less then this, so why do they turn out better students on average? I don’t begrudge anyone a decent wage, but if the rest of us did our job with a 50% to 60% success rate we would not have a job would we? And we have not even considered the benefits and retirement packages they get on top of this! The question is how much longer can we afford to continue with a broken system when education is so important to our society? And yes we all understand how important education is, but the teachers seem to have developed an “I am next to God” attitude about their profession, all the while being represented by the devils advocate (their union). Maybe we need a union to represent the students (made up of parents), because they have been dropped from the equation it seems!

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  1. September 15, 2012 11:18 pm

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