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Nothing To See Here, Hmmm..

August 2, 2012

Did you read about all the trouble caused by the nut job right wing bigoted racist sexist anti gay hateful christians that were out supporting that evil chicken despot? Oh wait there was no trouble, the hell you say, there had to be trouble with all those evil people out in large groups. Look at all of those people that supported Chick-Fil-A, I don’t know exactly how many there was, but look at the contrast between how peaceful and happy they seemed to be and the OWS crowd.

No one defecated on a police care, broke any windows, stole anything, assaulted or raped anyone, left piles of garbage behind. What a bunch of slackers they are, too lazy to break any laws or throw their garbage on the ground, nothing! Maybe the occupy people could start some classes to teach these people a little dis-respect, they could not charge for them though because that would promote capitalism. That and they would not want anyone to think they have an actual job and are contributing, obama would be on them in a heartbeat letting them know “who’s job it is to build that”!

Well I guess i will close out this article because nothing of importance happened with the whole Chick-Fil-A thing. All they were doing was showing support for their rights as Americans to free speech. And as any liberal will tell you it’s only free speech if they approve the message first, so nothing to see here, move along.

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