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More Government Deception

August 1, 2012

You remember the General Services Administration don’t you? The ones that had the party in Vegas that cost the taxpayers $823,000. Well as it turns out now they failed to report $30,000,000 in bonuses they paid out to employees in fiscal year 2011. I can understand misreporting a figure, mistakes happen, but 30 million of them is really hard to miss don’t you think? This was discovered by WUSA9  in Washington, DC through a FOIA request.

U.S. Rep John Mica (R-Fl.), Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and U.S. Rep Jeff Denham (R-Ca.), Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Oversight share responsibility for GSA oversight. “We’ve known that there is a culture of waste, fraud and abuse,” said U.S. Rep Jeff Denham on Oversight.  “This proves that this is a systemic problem that is rooted deeply within this organization.”

It is not just in this organization as he puts it, it is government wide! These people have more of an entitlement attitude then anyone else it seems. Why are government employees getting a bonus just for doing their job?, especially when you figure what they get paid + benefits to start with! The federal government just keeps growing, I think it is at a point now where no one can keep track of it, that is what they want I think. And consider what we the taxpayers are on the hook for in retirement benefits when these slugs start retiring in large numbers, many of them will probably make more in retirement benefits then many of us make working.

There are approximately 2.75 million federal government employees in the United States Government. And we know the system is full of waste and fraud, yet we never here about it from these people. So that would lead me to believe there are around 2.75 million that are not true Americans, people that place their personal needs above all else. And the worst part is they are the cogs that make up our government machine. All good little gov-bots doing as they are told by the people at master control, don’t want the gravy train to de-rail now do we?

And people wonder why the Tea Party exists and is growing! It is because we are sick of being used and lied to everyday by the people that are supposed to be looking out for our welfare. We are sick of the people whose job it is to protect our rights and enforce the laws of not doing their job, we can see how much any oath they take means!

They can’t seem to create any jobs but they sure can find ways to kill them can’t they! Look into what they are doing to the company that makes Bucky Balls, because some 2 dozen cases of children swallowing them in a 2 year period. That is 24 cases in 24 months or 1 per month, yet 30,000 children have been taken to the hospital in the same time period from swallowing US coins, that is 1,250 per month. The Bucky Balls are little magnetic toys for adults, packaged and sold for adults, and marked as such, not sold as a childs toy. Anyone can walk around the average house and probably find 1000 or more objects that are not sold as childrens toys that can be swallowed. I don’t know about you but I have had enough of the cogs in Washington, in fact I think it’s time to call the repair man (us taxpayers) and just replace the whole machine with new parts!


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