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Happy Chick-Fil-A Day

August 1, 2012

I would go to a Chick-Fil-A today but the closest one is 75 miles from my house. As I have previously stated I don’t care if you are homosexual, that is you business. But when you called people that don’t believe as you do bigots and prejudiced, etc, you show your true colors. When I was younger I was not pro or anti gay, I did not really care, once again your business. But the gay community, that from what I can find out is only 3.8% of the population keeps trying to force their choices on the rest of us, something is wrong here. I have to draw the line at gay marriage or civil unions, you could not be happy with general public acceptance of your lifestyle. You insist that you get what you want for you and f**k the rest of us and what we want or believe.

I am stuck in NY State right now (unfortunately), they have gay marriage here because the good people that are here won’t stand up for themselves. I don’t believe my tax money should be spent to promote what I find violates my religious and personal beliefs, but you don’t care about what others believe. I do everything I can to not spend anymore money in this state then I have to, as soon as I am able I will be leaving this state and never will I cross the state line again! Just want you to know that you the intolerant, bigoted and selfish anti-Americans made me this way, so next time you scream discrimination look in the mirror there will be a gay bigot looking back at you. You got your way and deprived me of mine and you expect me to support your cause, good luck with that. You created an anti-gay person here because of your selfishness, so deal with it!

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