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A Fool and Their Money

July 31, 2012

I am celebrating the fact that I am in the lower income range right now, why you ask? Well I have come to the conclusion that it makes you more intelligent, let me explain why. I read about Ann Romney wearing a$990.00 shirt, I personally did not care, I thought her to be stupid to spend that much on a shirt though. But apparently the media found it to be crazy and went ape shit over it, something about being out of touch and all that they said. Where is the outcry from the press about Michelle Obama wearing a $6,800.00 jacket? Their reaction seems to be much different, she is resplendent, the jacket is fit for a queen. Hmm…

My real question is who paid for this jacket, my hope is no taxpayers dollars were used for such a moronic purchase. yes I said moronic, anyone that would pay that much for any article of clothing is an idiot! I think most people that spend a lot on these designers clothes are fools, a fool and their money will soon be parted. I don’t complain about it though because it is their money to spend. And on the up side it does create jobs and generate tax revenue, so that’s cool. But since I am not one of those people that has my self worth tied to how I look or how much I have spent or what brand names I am wearing it is all meaningless to me anyways.

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