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My Chicken Sandwich Tastes better Then Yours

July 30, 2012

This Chick-fil-A thing has gotten out of hand if you ask me. Gay rights groups complaining, city mayors saying they will deny them the opportunity to do business there. Come on people, a little reality please! I have been saying for years that social issues are not in the arena of business concerns or responsibility. I don’t know when it started but I stopped buying Pringles potato chips years ago because of their company policy of supporting the gay agenda publicly and they even had a gay liaison in the company if I remember right. Now before I get all the hate messages from the gay community, let me state I don’t give a dam if your gay, that is your business. I would feel the same if a company came out for gun control or abortion rights, etc…

This all started years ago because of political correctness and personal agendas. These are for profit businesses, I would think for the stock holders benefit a business would want to stay out of the political arena to begin with. Either way, I don’t think the personal views of the owner of Chick-Fil-A should make any difference to any thinking person. Do you ask your plumber or the electrician their personal views before hiring them, will their personal views make them any more or less qualified to do their job? Will a Chick-Fil-A sandwich taste any different because of the owners personal beliefs? Actually it might, but not for the reasons you may think. If a business owner has high personal standards chances are his business standards will be higher, thus a better product in my opinion.

I did not believe in boycotting a business or product for years unless they provided poor service or inferior quality products, but since businesses have decided to get involved in social causes and issues I have changed my attitude about it. And I can tell you if the left is calling for a boycott of any business it has to do with a social agenda that goes contrary to any traditional American values, that I have figured out (not hard to do). So now when I hear about one I look further into it, that does not mean I will participate in it, it just means I want to know what they are whining about now.  Sorry I am getting a little off point here. The point is businesses in America need to stay businesses, not conduits for social change. It’s bad enough they are changing our society drastically by sending jobs overseas.

And if I lived in Chicago or Boston I would be pissed off at my local politicians! I thought part of your job is to promote growth, not stifle it. No responsible politician would discourage expansion of the tax base and job market! These democratic and liberal politicians drag conservatives over the coals if they apply their personal beliefs that are based on christian principles to their job. But yet they can apply their personal beliefs to every aspect of government and that is okay! And the mayor of any city needs to do his job and leave building permits and code regulation to the appropriate departments that have experience with them. Getting a certificate of occupancy for your business space should have no political overtones, the reality is much different unfortunately.

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