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Guns Saving Lives Stories Needed

July 30, 2012

Do me a favor everyone that read this, if you read any stories any stories about situation where people having a gun helped to save lives or diffuse a dangerous situation please let me know, I want to build a database of them, no one keeps track of that data that I can find.

I have been trying to post more, but the past week I have been trying to decide the direction I truly want the blog to go, that and a few personal issues. I read alot everyday online, but i can’t seem to find the news sources that I feel inform us as they should. No one hardly gives you the facts behind the story many times, or leaves out things that are relevant. Or what I really hate is when a website or blog breaks up a story into 3 or sometimes 4 short pages, that is so they can show more ads, have to really question their commitment to delivering the news!

Also, if any one out there wishes to contribute to this blog that would be great. I am finding that writing a good factual article requires at least 6 to 8 hours between research and writing. I can’t always dedicate the time I would like to, and I would like to get at least 3 new articles a day out there. I am writing this blog because I feel I have an obligation to share the truth with others who care about America. Only an informed decision can be a wise decision!

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