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For A few Dollars More

July 30, 2012

I might be way off here, the reason I say that is because I don’t know very little about the stock market for the most part. But the thing I have been wondering for years is not about the market itself. It is about the stock holders in many of these companies that are publicly traded. I have read stories for years now about different things the board of directors of different companies have done, it is always with the same excuse, our responsibility to the stock holders. I never hear about their responsibility to the community, or the country. I understand that a business is there to make money, I have tried to start a business of my own several times, so I understand the concept well. But who are these stock holders? These nameless and faceless stock holders, are someones neighbor of friend of family. So why does it seem like the only priority is making money? I remember when I was a kid there were American companies, people were proud of them, GO USA! They seemed to have community spirit, and care about the country.

Now it’s about globalization, they want to be world companies. I don’t believe it’s about globalization, I believe it’s about greed! Everyone is complaining about outsourcing, the loss of American jobs. Yet these American companies, run by Americans are the ones sending these jobs overseas. Many of these stock holders don’t care, when did you ever read a news story about stock holders saying we would be willing to reduce our profits a little if it protects our jobs. It’s not just about jobs though either, it’s about tax base, increasing the welfare rolls possibly, abandoned real estate, etc… I guess I don’t understand much of it because I truly care about my country, it’s more important to me then how much money did I make last year or will I make this year. Each job lost starts a chain reaction that ripples through that community.

So yes I am a protectionist, because it is not just a job I want to protect, it’s a way of life. Our ability to support our families and our country is the true heartbeat of America. Do you want to see her on life support just for a few more dollars in profit?

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