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Clueless-A-Maximus Is Obama

July 30, 2012

Ya know when I get to Heaven, God is not going to ask about how much money I have. But if I was a different person (liberal), and went to hell, the first thing the devil would ask is how much money do I have. The second thing he would want to know is how many people did I have to hurt to get it? Then in the spirit of things he would judge me on my love of obama, the higher you score on that (the more you love obama) would determine your possibilities for advancement into the corp of demons. Most of us just go to hell if we screw up, but obama lovers (the son of satan) have a special place in the fires of hell. You are given supervisory appointments in the Corp Of Demons if you meet the minimum standards exhibited by by the average obama supporter. The top ten requirements are listed below!

  1. A willingness to abhor everything that is good and right in life.
  2. A lie is only a lie if you are caught in it!
  3. Christians are evil because they believe in good!
  4. Good is evil because Christians believe in it, anything Christians believe in is evil!
  5. Doing what is right is wrong because it does not meet my socialist beliefs and does not address my need to feel superior to those that are dumb enough to believe in something as foolish as the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights!
  6. You have no right to judge my beliefs, because you are to stupid to agree with me!
  7. You should give half of what you have earned to the collective, but I am exempt because I have worked for what I have!
  8. If I have something I enjoy, I should be allowed to enjoy it, but if you have something you enjoy everyone else should be allowed to enjoy it with you.
  9. Life is not about you, get over yourself, life is about me and what I want and my socialist agenda, my agenda is cool as long as it does not affect my life in a real way. It’s about you changing cause I am already perfect!
  10. I believe in the anointed one because he has told me I don’t need to work, the government will take care of me, he has spoken, I am in awe of him because he is more clueless then I am, but on a higher level then I could hope to achieve! He has achieved Clueless-A-Maximus, could I but achieve Clueless-A-minimus and be half of what he is I would be honored!
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