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Capitalism = Social Justice

July 25, 2012

I started this blog because I have felt for many years (around 30 years) that our country has been going in the wrong direction. Before this I tried a few geocities free websites, they don’t exist anymore, and a few blogs before this one also. They did go as well as I would have liked, most of that was my fault, my lack of true understanding of the political situation and what moves it, I knew less then I thought I did, bottom line, I was going from emotion and personal experience and common sense. I have since realized that I understood so little because I did not understand the true motivations of the players involved, myself included. What made me realize my serious lack of knowledge was the fact that I could in no way comprehend how people born and raised in the United States could not care about and love their country.

When I was younger I was lazy, I did not like to work. I did work though, because I liked making money. As I got older and more mature I understood that work was and is more then just a way to make money. I realized I would have to work the rest of my life (thank u Mom for instilling good values in me), so how do I make the best of it? That is when I started to appreciate capitalism, because I realized if I learned more and worked harder I would be rewarded for my efforts. Wow, this is a cool system, I’m in! I also realized that my self esteem grew, not only from gaining more knowledge, but from seeing a finished product I help to create. Now I was hooked on this capitalism thing, I could get paid, gain knowledge and do things that could help or change other peoples quality of life, Sweeeeeeet! You wonder how this ties into understanding other people, well I tried to understand how people could just sit around and collect a check for doing nothing, and many of them proud of it. I have spent many hours and days on that one, still with no answer. The obvious answer is very demeaning to those people doing this, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and just say that they don’t know better.

I may seem like I am rambling in this post, but I am trying to understand how so many people ( many with advanced degrees) cannot seem to see what this country has offered them. In fact most of the over educated ones seem to be the most clueless, have they lived a sanitized life, or has the liberal system sanitized their emotional state? My point being this 9th grade dropout writing this blog understands that I (we) can go as far as we choose in this country. It seem that these educated people would realize they have a responsibility to help others understand that capitalism is the true beginning of social justice. Through capitalism I have the opportunity to decide my own future, that opportunity in itself is what I mean by social justice. We deprive no one in this country of that opportunity, the injustice would be if we did.

We give every child the same opportunity to be educated through 12th grade, we then give them the opportunity to get a job or continue that education, and then get a job. Notice the constant there, it’s get a job. Now you are your own, society has educated you to the point you were willing to go with it. Our job is done, now you have to take action and decide where you life is going to go. I don’t have any sympathy for those that quit school, got into drugs and crime. Those were your decisions, I know I made many of the same bad choices. My point being the government is not their for your personal issues, that’s not their job. I have worked through (without professional help or government aid) a several year cocaine addiction (powder and rock), a meth problem and alcohol problems. But you know what I did not do, I did not steal from others, I did not ask for a check or any help from the government. I lost jobs because of some of these problems, what did I do I went and got another job! Yes I had issues, but they were my issues to deal with, not societies! Each time I stumbled I would learn and grow, all these checks we hand out is simply stopping others from stumbling, we deprive them of more then just a chance to learn and grow. We deprive them of self esteem and self respect, most of all we deprive them of the American Dream, is that social justice?

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