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Looking Inside

July 24, 2012

Hello I hope everyone is having a good day. I am sorry I have not posted in 2 days. I just recently found out about a friend of mine that I have not seen in around 25 to 30 years died from cancer. It is odd in some ways how hard things can hit you sometimes.

Back in the mid 70’s we spent almost everyday together for years, we had that kind of friendship that transcended words many times. We got into trouble together, spent around a year in a state juvenile facility together, lived on the streets for around 6 months together, just sharing life. Not thinking about the future or what it would hold for us, it was a time of peace and love and the freedom of youth, and the 70’s! Like many friends over time, we moved in different directions as we grew older, life just carried us as it does on each new decision.

It was a different time back then, and the time I most reflect on when I wish I could turn back the clock. It was safe to walk the streets, parents could (and did) send their kids to the store and know they would return safely. Police Officers talked to you with respect still and would help you out. Everyone in the neighborhood knew your family, and you knew theirs. Child molesters were not something to worry about. There were racial issues, but when you met someone of a different race it was cool, most of the time it was a positive experience, something new in your world. It was still about America and the shared experience of moving forward together as a country.

You will have friends come and go through out your life, it is the memories and experiences that you share that stay with you forever. It’s knowing you are not alone in the world, and even if just for a brief time someone else understands you, and how you feel about your world, makes it easier to step into the future.

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