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The Fooling Class, oops, Ruling Class

July 22, 2012

An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more then he knows – Dwight D Eisenhower. That is a wonderful quote to me, it seems to shout the truth. I mean we have all of these so called intellectuals in our country, running (or ruining) the universities, advising the government, running their mouth on social issues. What I don’t understand is what makes them an intellectual? Simply having a higher IQ then the average person? How does that help them in the real world?

I read someplace that the one of the creators of the popular show “The Big Bang Theory” based the characters on people he knew in college. And you can see the social abilities of people like this, many people like this are advising our government on how to make America better. Book knowledge is great as a place to start, but without real life application to find out what actually works for real people, it becomes useless knowledge. So in many cases we have book smart, emotional stunted and socially inept people making decisions that affect and very possibly change our future.

The biggest problem of all that is they consider themselves the ruling class, they feel they are above us, our betters. And only they have the intelligence to know what is best for all of us. Through time this ruling class has gotten higher and higher (mentally and emotionally) on the power they have given themselves. When I say given themselves, I mean because they are distorting and damaging the Constitution and trying to take away some of our rights, and create new rights that don’t exist. Or re-defining a right so as to give themselves more control.

The framers of the constitution understood human nature, and the need of some in society to feel superior and control others. You can see from many of the writings from them, the founders wrote the Constitution  in a way that needed ethical and moral people administering it. The Obama administration is the culmination of many years of this ruling class completely abandoning all morals and ethics, ignoring existing laws, trying to take away our rights. And they will take your life if need be to keep the drug of power they are addicted to, they will stop at nothing to continue the life and lifestyle that they have. They may be human beings but they are not people, real people have emotions and morals and values and can see beyond themselves.

Most of these pseudo humans have never worked a real job a day in their life, they look at manual labor as something for the masses to do for the benefit of the ruling class. It’s all about them and how things affect them, with that perspective how can we possibly expect them to rule with any kind of intelligence and understanding of what we need? They only understand human rights and civil rights in theory on paper, but they scream about them all the time. That is so the people they are stepping on don’t realize how heavy the shoes of the oppressors are.

It is the real people like myself that make America work, it is our labors that have made this country great! I can pretty much build a house from the foundation to the peak, I can frame it, wire it, plumb it, drywall it, paint it, install the heating and air, roof it. I can also fix my own truck, do computer repairs, hardware or software. I am part of the exceptionalism of Americans, we can and we do, we don’t ask the government for permission to learn and grow. We don’t need their permission to make our lives better, to make America better, to contribute to the welfare of others. That is our right and our obligation to do these things. Because we are Americans, we are better then any other country, and that is because of our Constitution and our Rights that we share. They are what lifts us above the rest of the world, and I will not apologize to anyone for being fortunate enough to be born in USA! And I will not sacrifice my rights and freedoms to anyone who’s greatest achievement everyday is tying a tie and living a lie. I am sick of being pissed on and told it is just raining! I am part of the 100%, 100% AMERICAN and proud of it!

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