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It’s not about hunting Rifles

July 22, 2012

With the tragedy in Aurora, CO happening the left is out in full force with their gun control rhetoric. Once again talking about how people hunting do not need these military style weapons. The Second Amendment is not about hunting rifles, it is about the right of the people to defend themselves. To defend themselves if necessary from their own government, who day by day seems to becoming more of a threat then the average criminal. Though we may hunt, our major concern is personal protection. And since the government is giving local police departments surplus military equipment instead of selling it like they used to do, we have every right to be concerned. Why do we need a local police force so equipped, unless they are in a large urban area (major city) there are not enough criminals using any firepower that would justify this. Even then it is not justified, from what I read the average police officer is a bad shot. Many of the stories I read are about police officers using a full mag and sometimes still not hitting the perp, and that is with multiple officers on scene. I do my best to respect the law and rule of law, but if it comes down to protecting my own I want the best I can get, and the Second Amendment gives me the right to bear arms, it does not specify the means, the caliber or the size of the mag I use to do this.

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  1. July 22, 2012 8:26 pm

    I completely agree with you that all citizens have the God-given right to own muskets.

  2. July 22, 2012 9:07 pm

    I love this sensible post and am in 100% complete agreement. Unfortunately the people that want gun control do not understand your point and never will until their family or themselves are threatened.

    I’m sure they think there is an I-phone app that will defend them from 4 street thugs that are about to pummel you into the ground.

    As for Muskets…… accurate to about 200 yards and made a .50 caliber bullet look small.

    During the Revolutionary war the State Militias used rifles for the first time as they were much more accurate. In fact these more accurate rifles of the US forces actually saved lives as superior marksmanship was used to kill officers and totally demoralize the Red Coat Regulars. Man Rad Coat regulars flat surrendered.


  3. July 22, 2012 9:33 pm

    Sorry- but WTF are you talking about? “you read” that cops are bad shots. Well actually, they spend far more time on the range, and are far more qualified then your average gun owner. BUT- thats a shooting range. You don’t have someone shooting back.. You dont have confusion or less then ideal conditions. But still- despite their faults in an actual live fire condition they are going to do somewhat better then your average armed citizen. (despite what hollywood and the NRA may tell you).

    And I find it rather disgusting that BOTH sides are using the tragedy in Aurora to advance their agendas.

    And NO, the 2nd amendment is not “about the right of the average person to defend themselves” The founding fathers made it quite clear- one of their largest fears was a standing federal army. A right we relinquished long ago. Their intent was, as always, for states to be the ultimate check. To maintain a “Well regulated militia”. One that could, at the governors pleasure, serve in the nations defense. Or, again at the governors pleasure stand up against the federal government. Never did they intend for the individual to make this decision. And never did they forsee a government with not only a standing army, but planes, helicopters, drones, missiles, nuclear weapons, heavy machine guns, chemical weapons…

    And sorry- but your argument of personal protection goes out the window with the facts- the easy access to firearms creates more deaths then it prevents.

    I am NOT a fan of gun control. But our society is out of control. And these disingenuous claims do more harm then good.

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