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Gun Deaths by the Numbers

July 21, 2012

As I sit here and read stories about the shooting in Aurora, CO, it makes me sad for the victims, sad for their families. Along with that sadness comes anger, anger at the people on the left mostly. This is a tragedy, but what does the left do (many of them)? Instead of showing sympathy for the situation, it’s jump on the band wagon of “don’t let a good crisis go to waste” that the left is so good at. Some, with no proof try to link him to the Tea Party, others start screaming about more gun control. What about the individuals who’s lives are changed forever, or those who died? But that is the left for you, shows how much human life means to them, their baby killing stance already proves that theory. So let us discuss the subject that seems so near and dear to their dark hearts.

What do I do when I pick up, or am handed a gun? I keep it pointed at the ground (on soft surface) or pointed in a safe direction ( if on cement or hard surface), then I release the bolt or move the action to check for a chambered round, depending on the type of weapon it is. Even if someones says it’s not loaded I check for myself, it’s proper gun safety and common sense.

From the estimates I have found there are approximately 270,000,000 guns in the United States in the civilian population. So by those numbers I would guess thousands of people are getting killed everyday with guns, or so the left would have you believe. In fact the CDC has dropped gun deaths (homicides) off of the top 15 causes of death in the US, lets look at the numbers. I used the 2010 census for population totals because the data available for the death rate is as of 2010.

United States Population (from US Census Bureau 2010 data): 308,745,538

Number of deaths in the US (2010 data latest available): 2,465,936

So the number of people that died in 2010 is .80% of the total population, less then 1%. Now lets look at the numbers of homicides in the US for 2010. These numbers are from the CDC (Center for Disease Control), part of the US Government.

2010 Homicides: 16,065

2010 Homicides by discharge of a firearm: 11,015

2010 Homicides by other means: 5,050

Of the 16,065 homicides in 2010 approximately two-thirds of them were with firearms, do the math and you find that of the 2,465,936 deaths in 2010, 0.45% were from guns. That is less then one-half of one percent, that does not sound like an epidemic to me!

When you consider there was 35,080 deaths cause by motor vehicles, more then double the number caused by guns. I guess we need better car control, where is the left on that?

So I really have to question the left’s motives on the whole gun CONTROL issue. I would love to cite how many lives were saved because of guns in the US every year, but I have no way to compile that data. But I would guess it is more then the 11,015 lives that were taken with guns in 2010.

How many lives might not have changed or ended in Aurora, CO if there would have been people there allowed to carry legal guns for self defense. When you read these stories as they happen, do you notice that the person or persons doing the killing are not long term gun owners, but individuals that have recently purchased these weapons, or taken them from a family member. Gun control is not the issue as much as self control! And with the left trying to distort the American way of life more and more each year with their poisonous views. I am guessing we will see more of these horrible incidents.

We already have given the criminals and the nutjobs an advantage with the existing over restrictive gun laws. Maybe you have not noticed but breaking the law is what they do, more laws will not suddenly give them an epiphany and make them change their ways!

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  1. mess1up permalink
    July 23, 2012 10:34 pm

    Another example is Brazil. It has one of the strictest Firearms restriction and control policies in the Western Hemisphere and it’s homicide rate (by firearms) is 14.7/100,000 or almost 3.85 times the rate of the USA. Brazil’s rate is lower by a small amount when compared to South Africa’s, 54.0/100,000 rate.

    NAH! Aurora, Tucson were caused by Government. Government kow-towing to the entertainment industry. Cozy relationships, lax building codes and poor security precautions. Same in Tucson…the Sheriff was faulting every media outlet, talk radio, even street talk for Rep. Giffords shooting.

    But when the smoke clears, its government dropping the ball. In Aurora, why wasn’t there an alarm when the emergency exit door was propped open? Why wasn’t there an emergency lighting immediately available? Why are seats so densly packed one on top of the other. Why are aisles 3 feet wide? Who approved the slope for angled rise to exits? Why is there only one exit for several theatres? Why isn’t there a safety advisory shown before every film session instead of useless commercials (as done on routine flights)? Why aren’t there more employees trained in emergency evacuations? The list is very long. Sadly, entertainment moguls will not abide by them and more senseless harm to moviegoers occur.

    Entertainment on commercial aircraft is carefully monitored, why can’t the same procedures exist on the ground, in movie theatres? As for Tucson’s Sheriff, his duty to protect a sitting Congressperson while meeting district supporters, is just difficult to fathom and understand (where was he?)!

    Pointing fingers is government’s favorite pasttime. Assume responsibility? NAH! Too risky.

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