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Dumb and Dumber

July 19, 2012

I have been trying to keep my posts free of anger, trying to write something constructive that is helpful. But I can’t, everyday I read even stupider things said by democrats. I love my country and am passionate about that, so it should through in my posts. I wish our politicians would show some more passion for America! Now on to the post.

House minority whip Steny Moyer, a democrat from MD, said this the most stimulative thing you can do for the economy is food stamps and unemployment compensation. When asked why, he responded “Because those folks who receive those resources must spend them. And they’ll spend them almost upon receipt. Most economists with whom I talk believe that those with significant discretionary income, that that’s not the case.”

Is this guy for real? What morons elected him? Food stamps don’t create jobs or expand the economy, they are spent on food. People have to feed their family, if they don’t have food stamps they will still find a way to feed them. How does food stamps create jobs, will I read in the newspaper; Stores hiring thousands of new bag boys and cart collectors, cashier a hot new career, bakery workers on the rise! And unemployment compensation is spent almost upon receipt like old steny says, that is because they are trying to play catch up on utility bills and rent or mortgage payments.

The difference is if these people receiving these benefits had jobs instead, they could buy new cars, homes, electronics, clothes, etc…. Durable goods that actually create and maintain a healthy economy. I just figured it out, the democrats are a real life version of dumb and dumber. They are dumb and the so-called economists they are listening to (if they exist) are dumber. And if we re-elect any of them we are the dumbest!!

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