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Wishy Washy Washington

July 18, 2012

I do a lot of reading online, because you can’t get the truth out of the main stream media, and that includes fox news. I have been saying for years that it is both parties that have brought us to where we are at. Both parties, the dems and repubs have had at different times enough of a majority in the house and senate to actually do something real for us. So why are we in this mess?

Things like baseline budgeting, crony capitalism, pork barrel spending, and we the people. Why do I include we the people, because we have allowed the situation to escalate to what it is. We have not demanded accountability from our politicians, on any level, local state or federal. I have been saying for many years this is where we would end up. I can guarantee you the government and corporate America have been working together for a long time. Why is it both parents have to work now? For basic survival of their family in most cases! Who benefits most from this? The government does, because after a hard day at work they now have to come home and take care of the family, and then it’s bed time, so they can do it all again tomorrow. How does the government benefit from this, because who has time to pay attention to what they are doing?

It’s like the war on drugs as they call it, trillions of dollars spent with little or no impact! People on drugs are not paying attention to the government, except to get their monthly check and food stamps. So we have all of these people either working hard or not working at all, who do they count on to keep them informed? The evening news, their local newspaper, who the politicians have now corrupted to the point of telling outright lies to further their own agenda. So now the news we get is propaganda all to often. So where does that leave us? We are lucky we have the internet now, where we can find the truth. The problem is most of us are to busy trying to get by to use this tool. Why do you think we have SOPA and things like that? They want to take away your opportunity to find the truth, it’s about control of information.

We have lost our sense of unity as a country, our shared values and morals. The breakdown of the family unit has done more to hurt us then anything else (my opinion). I am not preaching religion here, that is a personal choice. But I can tell you I would rather have a politician in office that believes in the Ten Commandments, and makes his or her decisions with moral conviction. Why, because whether you are a gang banger on the street or a politician in office, if you are not basing your decisions on something more then your immediate needs and how to get ahead, you are harming all of us equally. A gang banger I can at least understand to a point, they at least understand loyalty to the oath they took to join the gang. Our politicians took an oath to serve us, but with our moral compass broken they understand they can hurt many more lives and never be called on their actions. More so they know they will never have to answer for them, because they just blame the other political party and tell us what we want to hear and it’s all good.

We need a third political party in this country, and both parties always say we don’t. They tell their respective voters it will hurt their own party, and dilute your voting power. Why is that? What are they afraid of? A third party if formed would not be part of the system they have worked so hard to corrupt. That is why the dems hate the Tea Party so much, and the repubs will barely work with them unless forced to. They all fear real Americans who actually love their country and want it back, why do you think there is such an anti christian sentiment being pushed in America? Churches used to be the center of the community many times, people helped each other through the good times and the bad. And you did not have to be a church going member of a church to receive help! We did not depend on the government for our daily needs, that does not fit their agenda, they can’t control us if we can take care of ourselves.

That is why the economy is so important, that is our link to being self sufficient. Everyone is throwing around the phrase Social Justice now-a-days, go ahead and google it, you will get many different definitions of it. To me social justice is providing an economy that allows everyone to decide their own fate, by providing jobs as a means to lift myself as high as I wish to go, through my own actions. Neither party is doing anything real to promote job growth in America. I will be voting for Romney in November only because I believe that is the first step in bringing back our jobs. But we have to realize that just voting is not enough anymore, we must hold our politicians accountable, we must get more involved in the process of our government.

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