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Union Bosses Okay Ripping off the Public

July 18, 2012

I would like to say I am surprised by this story, unfortunately I believe this is run of the mill for unions. I have been anti-union most of my life, you should hear some of the stories from old timers I heard when I was younger. Union intimidation, death threats against it’s own members to keep them in line. I took the test for maintenance with the US Postal Service back in the 80’s, did very well and was high on the list. With the additional points for my Military service I was guaranteed a job when my name came up. I had my name removed from the list when I found out I would have to join the union, some people said I was crazy to turn down a good job if it was offered. I did not see it that way, I do my best to live by what I believe in, and joining the union would have violated too many things that I stand for. If you make yourself valuable to your employer, you should never need a union, I am man enough to speak for myself, if you don’t appreciate my talents and skills I will find a company that does, it’s that simple. To me work is not just about a paycheck, it is also personal, it’s about quality work, treating customers with respect, and most important, having respect for myself. I know many people won’t understand that, I feel sorry for them. Back to the article that started this post, this is typical union think, to them we are just a means to an end, that is to get as much as they can and don’t care about anything else.

I will say also, I have been on union jobs several times as an electrician (sub-contracted), and the attitude and quality of work from most of these people was nothing to be proud of!

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