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Your Jedi Powers

July 17, 2012

Remember who you were as a kid, so naive,life so simple. Your world was small, but it did not matter, because you didn’t know it yet. You got a little older, into those teen-age years of knowing it all. With that came idealism, it was rooted in your heart, occasionally tempered by your thoughts. It was your version of Jedi Powers, rooting out (in your eyes) the wrongs of the world. You knew you alone could see what others could not, and you were going to change the world.

Now you are older, life has has kicked you in the head a few times. You do something without even realizing it, you slowly let your idealism slip quietly away. You don’t realize that it is your barometer of right and wrong, your inborn sense of justice. Instead of modifying it to fit your now expanded world, you discard it. It has become inconvenient, requiring more from you and your reality then you are willing give. “let everyone else worry about themselves” you think, “I have my own problems and no one is helping me”.

I guess I am lucky, because I refused to let go of my idealism, it was to important to me. I let time and reality temper it, and keep adjusting the level of compassion and understanding it needs. I guess I don’t want to let go of my Jedi Powers, while I impatiently wait for them to get light sabers into production.

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  1. July 17, 2012 12:59 pm

    The power that runs idealism is hope. Hope is believing that there is something worth living, and, maybe, dying for. I’ve found my Hope in Jesus Christ!

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