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Pubic Servants, oops, Public Servants

July 17, 2012

You might get the idea from the title that I am am aggravated about something to do with the government, you would be right. I just read a story about the voter I.D. bill in MN, what has me pissed off is the action or rather in-action in this case of another pubic official, oops I mean public official.  In this case it is the the ACORN-endorsed secretary of state, Mark Ritchie. You can read the full story at the link below.

We have the DOJ refusing to enforce federal laws, I have read many stories about state and local officials doing the same thing. My question is why is it almost always democrats doing this? You are there to serve the public, not a political party or your own agenda. I almost titled the article “Government Bitches” because that’s what they are. If you don’t believe in America then let someone who does have the job, they will do it right, with pride, and for the right reasons!

We need Patriots not hate-triots in our Government!

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