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Which Political Party?

July 16, 2012

Anyone visiting my blog can tell I lean right in my politics, I make no secret about it. Why is that (that I lean right)? This quote attributed to Winston Churchill  explains part of it “if your not a liberal by the time you are 20, you have no heart, if you are not a conservative by the time time you are 40 you have no head”. I was liberal in many of my opinions when I was younger, so why the change as i aged? I have previously stated that it is our responsibility to question our leaders, well, it is even more important to question ourselves! I know many people that are liberal or left leaning that never question their own ideas or thoughts, never wonder how they came to think what they do. I know others that are staunch democrats because their father or family was, not the best reason for a political view.

Even worse are those people that vote for a candidate based on one issue, for example, abortion, gay-rights, immigration policy, etc….  Those people are voting with their emotions, that’s all good and well for them, but what else does that politician stand for? What other rights of yours might he or she try and take away, but that’s okay because your pet issue is being addressed in a manner you like.

I have been saying for many years we are all a product of our environment, I was also one. No one is immune to what they know on a daily basis, what they see and feel and experience. Having been raised in a single parent family, that lived at or near poverty level, my view of reality was painted with a haves and have-not brush. I believed everyone’s dreams should come true, that I was owed something because I had no father, only hand me down clothes and buddies (cheap sneakers) on my feet.

As I grew though, I gave thought to my situation and that of others around me. I saw what they had compared to what I had. I realized no one just gave it to them to make me jealous, they worked for it. So I wanted to know how I could have this stuff for myself. I saw that this system we had called capitalism seemed to work very well, if you participated in it. And it wasn’t just participating, but your level of participation that was a critical factor. I dabbled in this system, not fully committed to it, so my rewards were not as great as I would have liked. But, the fault was with me, not the system!

My point being, many people are raised in an environment that does not stress education, responsibility or many of the things we need to grow. Even worse, a lot of these people are told (not verbally) through their environment that they can’t participate, or that it will do them no good anyways. This is their lot in life, just accept it, because this is all it will ever be! If it was not for my mother working her butt off to try and give us more, and making sure we got an education I might be one of those people.

So the biggest reason I lean right, is because those people over there on the right are telling me things I like. Things like, you don’t have to be dependent on the government or anyone else, you can participate, in fact it’s an obligation really. The government should take as little from your earnings as possible, and spend what they take responsibly! They should protect your rights, in fact it’s an obligation! And they should not try and create new rights just to help themselves to more of what we work for!

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