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Cloward-Piven, and the NWO

July 12, 2012

Note: I for many years discounted the whole NWO theory, and conspiracy theories in general. But, there are way too many dots now and connecting them is easy if you broaden your view of things.

Modern socialism in the United States seems to be based on an anti-capitalist theory, and market socialism from what I can see. The OWS people and the Obama socialist don’t come right out and say exactly what they see as their version of the new America they want. I think part of the reason for that is because they only have vague ideas so far, the rest has not been fed to them yet by people like George Soros, who want a New World Order. The Social elite and the bankers see themselves running this NWO, they have screwed up most of the other countries in the world. The United States has to fall in line with “the plan” for all of it to work, because of the influence of our economy on the rest of the world.

Why do you think the UN wants to take away your guns with the Small Arms treaty? We are the only country with the “right to bear arms”, and that right to defend ourselves even against our own government if need be, is standing in the way of “the plan”. Why do you think Obama spent all that money trying to hide his past? He was being groomed to run for president for a reason, his ideology fit in with the movement, and he can be controlled by outside forces. What other explanation is there for his actions, he is either trying to hurt our country on purpose, has a personal agenda or is completely inept, all 3 would be my guess!

As long as we have our guns and a believe in our Constitution, they have to try and sell us on “the plan”, without our guns and our rights, they can force it upon us, with UN forces if need be. That could explain the so-called FEMA Camps and UN vehicles people have seen in the US, and the US troops training in the streets of US cities for no apparent reason. I try and take everything with a grain of salt as the saying goes, but I am running out of salt. That would also explain all of the Obama Executive orders he is trying keep quiet, these orders have essentially allowed the US Government the ability to take control of every aspect of our society under martial law. His most recent one about communications would isolate everyone with no way to organize resistance to a systematic take over of our country.

I was going give you an over view of the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” which the left seems to be following to the letter. The link below explains it very well, they give an over view and offer a more in-depth look at it with the second link below. The dots are there if you wish to connect them.

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